FujiMAC 100 RII Residential Blower

Breakthrough Series "RII" FujiMAC Blowers

The “RII” Series of FujiMAC blowers manufactured by Fuji Clean Co., Ltd. represents the culmination of years of dedicated R&D and a fierce commitment to engineering and manufacturing the highest quality linear diaphragm blowers in the world. “RII” Series upgrades include use of electromagnets, smaller diaphragms and re-engineered compression chambers, all of which translate into blowers that are cooler, quieter, lighter, incredibly efficient and offer top-in-class performance for durability and long life. We want to impress you with our product, our service and commitment to be your linear air diaphragm blower company and technology of choice.


  • Best-in-Class Energy Efficiency
    Engineering design breakthroughs make FujiMAC blowers the best choice for energy conservation and economical operation.
  • Best-in-Class Low Noise Output
    Quietest air diaphragm blower amongst the four U.S. market leading brands.
  • Highest Operational Durability
  • FujiMAC blowers run seven to nine degrees cooler than market leading brands
  • Best Warranty
    The FujiMAC blower warranty is typically twice that of leading U.S. brands
  • Dependable, Professional Service Support
    FujiMAC blowers are only sold through distribution entities with full product training, spare parts in stock and absolute top quality customer service.
  • Long Life
    FujiMAC blowers have been tested for endurance in high and low temperature extremes proving the durability of its diaphragm and other components.
  • Easy Maintenance
    The diaphragm assemblies are easily replaced and replacement parts are readily available from Fuji Clean USA.