• Wide selection of treatment models for residential and commercial applications
  •  Highest level treatment including enhanced nitrogen and phosphorus removal systems
Residential Treatment System

World’s #1 treatment system with standard and nutrient reduction models to treat flows up to 8 bedrooms.

High performance, highest cost-value systems to treat flows from 1,000 gpd to 100,000 gpd.

Best-in-class air blowers from 2.8 CFM (80 L/min) to 7.0 CFM (200 L/min).

Not the Most Expensive – Just the Best.
Not the Biggest – Just the Best.

Welcome to Fuji Clean USA - a U.S. based subsidiary of Fuji Clean Co. Ltd. of Japan, the world leading manufacturer of onsite wastewater treatment systems. 

We offer the U.S. market a full line of break-through Fuji Clean Model “CE” and "CEN” treatment systems - high-performance, dependable, compact, efficient and cost effective.  We also offer a complete line of best-in-class MAC “R” Series air blowers, which are durable, efficient, quiet and very competitively priced. 

Whether you’re a system designer, engineer, homeowner, installer, regulator, environmentalist or fellow wastewater worker, you understand that wastewater is local and that is why we only sell through qualified local distributors –all wastewater experts who place a premium on responsive, customer-centered service.

Please let us help you.

Thank you,

Fuji Clean USA

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