Designing, installing, and maintaining a larger flow treatment system has never been easier - especially on sites with restrictive space considerations. FujiClean USA's largest CE commercial system, the CE6KG, is now available to supplement its existing CE21 (1,900-gpd) and CE30 (2,700-gpd) models. The CE6KG, capable of treating a hydraulic load of 6,000-gpd, uses the same treatment technology, process flow and one-tank structure as the smaller CE systems and can be squeezed into the tightest of sites. For example, the footprint size on the CE6KG is only 36-ft. x 6.5-ft. (including built-in septic tank). FujiClean’s CE technology has catapulted the FujiClean corporation into a world market leader position, with about 50,000 systems manufactured and installed annually. The popularity is driven by a small footprint, low power draw , easy plug & play installation, simple efficient O&M and consistent, excellent treatment (95% BOD and TS removal.  NSF 40 certified, no preceding septic tank). There are no moving parts in the “contact filtration” treatment process.