NSF 40 Wastewater Treatment Products
CE Models

Fuji Clean advanced wastewater treatment systems are the most popular onsite systems in the world with over 2 million installed and operating around the globe. Why? We focus on constant product testing and improvement, and give you the highest level of treatment with the most efficient, easy-to-maintain design. With an integrated septic tank and small footprint, our lightweight systems are highly maneuverable and adaptable-an ideal solution for tight, difficult sites. Our contact filtration treatment includes flow equalization, continuous recirculation and controlled discharge. Our CE5 model, which can comfortably treat up to 4 bedrooms or 500-gpd of straight wastewater, produces a consistent effluent quality with a pollutant removal ratio of around 95%.

Commercial Installation Photo
High performance, highest cost-value systems to treat flows from 1,000 gpd to 100,000 gpd.
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Pick up truck with tank
World’s #1 treatment system with standard and nutrient reduction models to treat flows up to 8 bedrooms.
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