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With headquarters in Nagoya, Japan, FujiClean Company is the leading onsite domestic wastewater treatment in the world.  Founded in 1961, FujiClean Co. now has about 500 employees, manufactures between 40,000 and 50,000 systems annually and has over two million systems installed and operating worldwide.  The company has recently begun to expand and now has subsidiaries and dealers in Australia, Europe, Vietnam and the United States.

 “Onsite” is a term used to describe non-sewered sites, or sites that are not connected to a municipal wastewater treatment plant.  The onsite treatment industry in Japan is robust, competitive and innovative. In many ways it is natural that top performing onsite treatment systems come from Japan.  With a high density population and lack of land, the Japanese have been forced to dispose of domestic wastewater into waterways rather than into soil absorption systems (i.e. leachfields) as most American onsite systems.  Since wastewater flowing into public waterways is obviously a public health hazard, the Japanese have required onsite treatment for decades and many companies and technologies exist in response to this national mandate. 

In this competitive Japanese market, how did FujiClean rise to its position as the market leader?  First, the company places a high degree of importance on R&D.  Thirty full-time engineers constantly test, innovate and research with the goal of constant improvement.  Second, the company is grounded in practical common-sense solutions that work –not hype and flash.  Its latest technology (CE and CEN) is the market leader in Japan because installation contractors and maintenance providers like its compactness and operational simplicity.  Homeowners like it because of its quiet operation and low energy draw.  Engineers and environmentalists like it because its natural treatment process produces a consistent high quality effluent and has the ability to substantially remove nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus from effluent; which are often responsible for a wide variety of oxygen depletion consequences in our water environments.

As the world becomes increasingly aware of water – and in particular the shortage of fresh water, recycling and wise use of our wastewater will become increasingly important.  FujiClean intends to be world-wide leader in this effort to protect, conserve, recycle and treat our water resources with the care and respect they require for future generations.

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