NSF 40 Wastewater Treatment
Commercial Installation Photo
High performance, highest cost-value systems to treat flows from 1,000 gpd to 100,000 gpd.
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The CE21 is FujiClean USA's most compact "commercial" system, which we classify based on a hydraulic load capacity of over 1,000 gpd. Of course higher strength wastewater flows may dictate the use of a "commercial" system with hydraulic flows of less than 1,000 gpd.

Fuji Clean's Model CE30 is the 2nd largest single-tank unit offered by the company and designed to treat 2,700 gallons per day of domestic strength wastewater to NSF/ANSI 40 standards. This one-tank system is typically used for commercial projects and often designed in cluster formations to treat larger flow projects.

Designed to treat up to 1,350 gallons per day of domestic strength wastewater, the one-tank CEN14 model is the company's large residential / small commercial. Certified to NSF/ANSI 40 standards, this exceptionally small footprint system has demonstrated best-in-class BOD/TSS removal performance in multiple-state field testing protocols.