We know that FujiClean technology is second to none in terms of overall performance, cost of energy, ease of installation and maintenance and on virtually every cost value metric. But we also know that when it comes to wastewater, local is everything. Our focus is complete support of your local distributor, installer, regulator, service provider and engineer. That means prompt delivery of systems and competent, professional training from installation to service. It means engineering assistance when you need it and support whenever you want it. It means prompt replies to questions and even more prompt, solution-oriented responses to problems.

So for starters, we have chosen a team of customer-oriented FujiClean USA distributors who have been knee-deep in wastewater for a long time. Why? Because if you have a wastewater problem or question, you want a wastewater expert to be there for you. What do we mean by "customer-oriented?" We mean quite simply that we expect and demand the highest level of responsive professionalism to all of our customers – designers and engineers, installers, service-providers, regulators, home and business owners and other professionals in the wastewater industry.

When you choose FujiClean, expect the best. You deserve it.

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Over 2 Million Installations Worldwide