Domestic Flows Under 1,000-GPD
Residential Treatment System

World’s #1 treatment system with standard and nutrient reduction models to treat flows up to 8 bedrooms.

Model CE5

The CE5 is Fuji Clean USA's most compact system, which can comfortably treat up to 4 bedrooms of straight wastewater. No preceding septic tank is necessary and not required (unless dictated by state or local regulations). A very small footprint (7'1" x 3'8") and weight of just under 400 pounds makes this system highly maneuverable and adaptable to the very tightest and most difficult-to-access sites. Designed to accommodate variable flows and shock loadings, this low power draw (54w) low maintenance compact system is a natural choice for a single family home.

Model CE7

The CE7 is Fuji Clean USA’s mid-sized residential treatment system.  Still very compact, with a footprint of only 8’ x 4’2”, the unit can comfortably treat up to 6 bedrooms receiving straight wastewater.   No preceding septic tank is required or necessary (unless dictated by state or local regulations).  Highly portable and maneuverable with a weight of 463 pounds, this unit can be squeezed  into tight sites.  Designed to accommodate variable flows and shock loadings as well as being a power miser (1.27 kWh/day) this low maintenance system, like the other CE residential models, is ideally s

Model CE10

The CE10 is Fuji Clean USA’s largest residential treatment system and of course can be used in small commercial applications such as multi-family homes, etc.

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