Do you have data for tank buoyancy calculations?

The following table provides empty tank buoyancy information for Fuji Clean residential system models.  As stated in the Fuji Clean Installation Manual, for high groundwater sites we recommend anchoring the tank using precast concrete anchors (deadman) and 1 inch galvanized coated strapping or equivalent.  Set deadman 12” away from tank.   Please do not use lifting lugs with turnbuckles to anchor tank, as special fittings are required for this. Please contact Fuji Clean USA for additional details.   

Empty Tank Buoyancy:

Model CE5:  5,270 Lbs.

Model CE7:  7,210 Lbs.

Model CE10:  10,400 Lbs.              

Model CEN5:  7,210 Lbs.               

Model CEN7:  10,400 Lbs.             

Model CEN10:  14,500 Lbs.