How are systems sized for higher strength effluent streams?

Fuji Clean standard hydraulic sizing assumes domestic strength influent (i.e. about 250 mg/L BOD and 150 mg/L TSS).  Models to treat higher strength waste streams are upsized linearly based on organic loading strength.

For example, the standard Fuji Clean system Model CE5 (the smallest residential unit), can treat about 1 pound of BOD per day to NSF 40 standards (calculation: Assuming a 450-gpd hydraulic flow, an organic strength of 250 mg/L  BOD, then 8.34 x 250 x (450/1,000,000)= 0.94 pounds of BOD per day).  Therefore, if a system with similar hydraulic loading is accepting wastewater with an organic load of 500 mg/L BOD, then Fuji Clean would specify a CE10 system which is capable of double the hydraulic loading of a CE5.

Please feel free to contact your Fuji Clean distributor or Fuji Clean USA directly for system sizing assistance.