Why do I need a Fuji Clean system?

Typically local regulations and soil conditions of your unique home site may dictate the need for a treatment (sometimes called "pretreatment") system. Your Fuji Clean treatment system accepts wastewater from your home, cleans it and sends clean water back to the environment (usually into a soil absorption system such as a leach field). The advantage of our process is that our systems do the purification work ordinarily accomplished by the soil, which therefore allows smaller, shallower and less obtrusive drain fields. (Exact field reductions allowed vary by state and region). Additionally, pretreatment greatly extends the life of a drain field since clean water deters solids and biological buildup (biomat) in your soil absorption system.

In some areas, treatment is required by rules and regulations to reduce nutrients such as nitrogen or phosphorus from your waste stream as protection against contamination of ground water and water bodies.