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NSF/ANSI & State Approvals
NSF Test Data Summary - Fuji Clean USA
NSF/ANSI 40 Certification - Fuji Clean USA
NSF/ANSI 40 & 245 Certification - Fuji Clean USA
Alabama Certification
Arizona Certification
Arkansas Certification
Arkansas Certification - NPDES
California State Approval
Canada - British Colombia Approval
Canada - New Brunswick Approval
Colorado TL-2N Certification
Colorado TL-3N Certification
Delaware Certification
Florida Certification
Florida Certification with UV Disinfection
Georgia Certification
Hawaii Certification
Illinois Certification
Indiana Certification
Iowa Certification
Kansas State Approval
Kentucky Certification
Louisiana Certification
Maine Certification
Maryland BAT Certification
Maryland BAT Technology Ranking
Massachusetts Certification
Michigan - Grand Traverse County Certification
Minnesota Certification - CE Models
Minnesota Certification - CEN Models
Missouri Certification
Nevada Certification
New Hampshire Certification
New Jersey Certification
New Mexico Certification
New York State Approval
New York - Suffolk County - Inlet Adapter 45 Approval
New York - Suffolk County - Inlet Adapter 90 Approval
New York - Suffolk County - General Residential CEN Certification
New York - Suffolk County - NS‐007 500 Gallon HS‐20 Pretreatment Tank 
New York - Suffolk County - NS‐008 750 Gallon HS‐20 Pretreatment Tank
New York - Suffolk County - NS‐009 990 Gallon HS‐20 Pretreatment Tank
New York - Suffolk County - Commercial System Minimum Requirements
New York - Suffolk County - CEN-14 H20 Vault Certification
North Carolina Certification
Ohio Certification - CE Models
Ohio Certification - CEN Models
Oklahoma State Approval
Rhode Island Certification
Rhode Island Certified Designers & Installers
Tennessee Certification
Tennessee Certification - Perc-Rite
Texas Certification
Texas - Austin Certification
Vermont Certification
Virginia Certification
Washington Certification
West Virginia Certification
Wisconsin Certification